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Pools / Spa

Your pool will be unique

Pisines Aqua / Pools you only dream of and enjoy for a lifetime!


At Pisines Aqua we build pools so they will become a natural extension of your house and harmoniously integrated with your surrounding space. We build any type of pool, professional or private, according to the latest developments of the field and with the strictest quality specifications. At Pisines Aqua we only use high quality materials which fulfill the strictest European and International regulations. We offer an ideal quality-price combination with a high standard aesthetic result and we apply mechanical equipment of sophisticated technology.

Pool Coating

You will have a unique inner look of your pool if you choose between a simple paintwork and coating with tiles or the “Pebble” pebbles from New Zealand sized 2-3mm.

For Pisines Aqua the “Pebble” has become a first choice alternative material for your pool coating and it guarantees a perfect aesthetic result with a long lifespan. A pool which has been coated with the “Pebble” has unique features which allow it to coexist harmoniously with the environment. The “Pebble” is a liquid mixture of concrete and natural aggregates (pebbles) of 1.5-2cm thickness. The surface is processed (water-jetting) so that a compact complex of small round pebbles can be revealed. The resulting surface is durable, slip-resistant and with a pleasant touch. Its special features give the “Pebble” unlimited choices regarding the way of its application and it has also got a durability that gives it the possibility to be applied even out of water.

The unique features of the “Pebble” surfaces include natural beauty, the ability to have endless designs and the choice from a wide range of colour shades to enjoy the iridescence of the water as the sunlight changes during the day. We have also added colourful glasses to our multi-coloured pebble collection. An extra advantage is the easy maintenance comparing to other materials and the durability as far as the chemical cleaning is concerned but also the way of its application. It has practically a long lifespan but overall it will make your pool match harmoniously with the surrounding area.

Spa baths

Discover relaxation through a vast range of spa baths of our company.

Heaven Pools has innovative systems and high quality products, so it can offer its clients modern spa equipment such as saunas, Turkish baths and Jacuzzi of high technology and aesthetics.

  • We construct built spa baths with tile coating in various sizes, style and capacity for domestic or public use such as in gyms, hotels and beauty spas.
  • We have a wide range of designs and models with high standard prefabricated acrylic Jacuzzi shells of well-known European houses which are available in a wide range of colours. These can satisfy all tastes with a prefabricated system of water and air nozzles.
  • We undertake the supply of a high quality spa equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters, disinfection devices etc. We also provide a full warranty and supply of spare parts.
  • We undertake the maintenance and repair of spa baths nationwide.

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