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The method we use in constructing your pool is of the sprayed concrete


Heaven Pools builds pools from concrete which is the most common way for their materialization with a lot of advantages. The basic advantage is that we can give any shape or size we want so as to achieve the result that you desire. The construction of the pool can be done with overflow of the water, a waterfall or skimmers and internally coated with tiles, mosaic, pebbles or simply with colour.

At Pisines Aqua we use the method of shotcrete for the construction of your pool. It’s the same method which was used at the Channel Tunnel for the construction of two enormous underground halls and it’s been used worldwide where there is a great demand for water tightness and durability.

The advantages of this method are:

A fully free design of the pool with the ability to create a beach, a love seat or even an island.

Construction of a one-piece concrete shell within a day.

Absolute safekeeping of the water tightness.

Outstanding antiseismic behavior.

A better water circulation due to the curved shape of the pool at the joins of the bottom with the vertical walls.

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