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Pisines Aqua provides complete solutions for pool construction


Heaven Pools cooperates directly with reliable construction firms and traders of pool equipment and uses Australian products for water processing, thus obtaining the latest technology with certified pool equipment of high standards and performance and high quality water processing systems, friendly to the environment and humans.

Filters / Pumps / Automatic Systems

  • Quartz sand filters and pumps by Onga sta-rite.
  • Automatic systems of gauging and regulating the PH and the chlorine so we can have the best possible chemical process and the preservation of your pool water always in ideal levels. A significant advantage of the use of dispensers is the accuracy of the measurements in order to avoid the needless use of chemicals and to ensure the possible maximum saving.
  • Electrolysis salt system so your pool will be auto-maintained and you can be free from chlorine costs.

Engine Room

We always suggest that our clients keep the engine room on the ground level so any necessary handlings could be immediate and to also achieve the maximum life duration of the electrical and mechanical equipment away from the humidity of the underground engine rooms. The space that is usually required is no bigger than 1.5-2 sq. m and it can be placed up to 10m away from the pool so it won’t affect the aesthetic of your space. Of course everything in the engine room happens with the perspective of making the installation of extra automations possible after the end of the works easily, quickly, cost-effectively and practically.

The required time that we will need to complete the project for a typical materialization is no longer that 15 business days.

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