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For three decades we have been making pools of high aesthetics. Pisines Aqua started operating as a construction company in the pool field in 1984 with its head office in Corinth and it trades in pools all across Greece satisfying with unparalleled success the various needs of pool owners as far as the pool and the landscape architecture is concerned.

Pisines Aqua is a family business and for over three decades it has constructed pools and spas for individuals and professionals completing structures of high aesthetics.

The philosophy of the company lies in the set up and the supply of full, high standard service in order to give its clients complete and responsible solutions.

  • Complete solutions for private and professional pools.
  • Construction of pools in numerous designs.
  • Ability to choose among various structures such as overflow pools or side waterfall, according to the needs of each client.
  • Repair, reconstruction and improvement of old pools which have building, plumbing or electrical problems.
  • Installation and trading of high quality pool and spa equipment as well as systems for disinfection, processing and cleaning up of water of the latest technology with full warranty and spare parts supply.
  • Installation of saving energy systems and Jacuzzi.
  • Supply of chemicals and pool cleaning products.
  • Technical support for structures and mechanical equipment of processing water.
  • Pool maintenance, disinfection and water care by specialized teams.
  • Service and support to our clients after the construction of the pool.
  • We offer our experience and knowing-how in the design and structure of private and professional pools of high aesthetics.

Pisines Aqua is able to offer complete, proper and responsible solutions nationwide with the continuous improvement of its services and products. We offer our expertise and variety of products to the satisfaction of the unique needs of each client. From the director to the last employee in Pisines Aqua assurance of quality is a personal goal and a team objective.

Pisines Aqua provides a complete solution in the pool field. The only thing you have to do is enjoy yourself!

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