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The solution of electolysis gives the water a fresher feel


After the completion of the construction of your pool, Pisines Aqua exclusively continues to undertake its maintenance by offering you a complete maintenance programme, which guarantees the good function of your pool. We undertake:

  • The control of the electrical and mechanical facilities.
  • Regulating the machines to function properly and their maintenance.
  • Checking and controlling of the chemical processing of the water pool.
  • Supervision of the reserve of chemicals and refilling of materials.
  • Complete or supplementary cleaning of the pool.

Twenty years ago, Pisines Aqua was the first company in Greece to introduce the solution of sodium chloride (salt) significantly changing the way and the cost of pool maintenance. Through an electrolyte, we turn salt into sodium hypochlorite with which we achieve the elimination of bacteria without using chlorine products. Electrolysis of salt is one of the most user and environmental friendly ways of disinfecting pool water, exceptionally improving the quality of the water reducing the use of chemicals by 80% and simplifying the maintenance. Electrolysis is still the most reliable and effective way for the disinfection of the pool water. Preserving the perfect condition of your pool depends on its proper maintenance; therefore Pisines Aqua provides continuous technical support according to your needs and guarantees the perfect quality of your pool water.

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